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Where To Use SeaClear - Growth Prevention For Underwater Lights

Your Perfect Protection from Microorganism
Buildup on Underwater Lights for Boats & Yachts!

SeaClear with your new underwater boat lights fitted and working perfectly get that peace of mind that they will stay bright and clear uncontaminated from those underwater pests that attach to anything and block out the light.

  • Perfect Solution for Boats & Yachts
  • Formulated Specifically for Underwater Lights
  • Easy to Use, Simply Brush on Lights
  • Made to Last Twelve Months Between Applications
  • Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly
  • Preserve and Protect Your Investment

How To Apply:

Place in microwave approximately 1 minute until liquefied. Then give it a short gentle stir. Do not stir aggressively. Then simply just brush on lights. SeaClear can be applied in both liquid and solid form, liquid form being preferred.

In general, application of a second thicker coat after applying the first coat will optimize the effectiveness of SeaClear. As the warmed product cools it becomes thicker. This enables the easy application of the second thicker coat. May be applied cold underwater for maintenance between haul outs.

May be harmful if ingested, do not consume.

SeaClear - Prevents Growth on Underwater Lights

A brand new product specifically designed to stop the buildup of microorganisms on your underwater lights.